Europe is the perfect place to plan your next vacation abroad; the Euro is trending lower against most major currencies, and with the continent’s... Top European Cities for your Next Vacation Abroad


Europe is the perfect place to plan your next vacation abroad; the Euro is trending lower against most major currencies, and with the continent’s intra-country transport networks working in top gear (when volcanoes are at bay, that is), you can have a number of different experiences all in one trip. Here are a few hot destinations for 2016.


Berlin, Germany

Berlin was once the world’s largest construction site; tall cranes dotted the landscape as far as you could see. That’s all gone now and the city is filled with cutting edge museums, restaurants with world-class cuisines, and modern architecture that surpasses the imagination of anything you could find elsewhere in Europe. Come with an empty suitcase to pick up great music and trendy fashions. However, on a nice day, one of the nicest things is just sitting and relaxing in the sun, like locals do, in one of Berlin’s massive inner city parks.


Florence, Italy

Italy tops all of the list in terms of quality of life and most popular countries to visit for foreigners. And what’s not to like: gorgeous scenery, historic attractions, and some of Europe’s best food to boot. Florence takes the cake (pun intended) for a great place to be based; once you’re tired of the shopping and crowds, rent a car and head into the hills. There are lots of quaint villages to discover and vineyards to tour – you can buy what you like to take back home and enjoy. Florence also is nice for tourists as it has many accommodation options, including hotels, pensions, B&Bs and private apartments, with choices for all budgets.


Edinburgh, Scotland

Great Britain is full of fantastic cities, but skip the hustle and bustle of London and head for the Scottish capital. Edinburgh is a real charmer, with its cobblestone sloping streets, seemingly endless hidden stairways, and that Scottish hospitality. Be sure to explore some of the surrounding countryside, from coastal walks to more difficult hikes on the nearby mountains. You can even arrange daytrips up to places like Loch Ness, to look for the Loch Ness Monster, or down to Rosslyn to see the chapel that Dan Brown made legendary in the Davinci Code.


Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal always seems to hide behind the Spanish spotlight, but this narrow country at the end of the Iberian peninsula is not to be missed. The city itself is known for the unique neighborhoods, such as the winding streets of the Barrio Alto; it is there you can sample some of Portugal’s phenomenal cuisine. You can sample a free Portugese wine tasting at Vini Portugal. But don’t miss heading out further afield; there’s Sintra, easily reached on train where you’ll find a colourful old castle. Or take the train a little further afield to the beach – the ocean is right on Lisbon’s doorstep, after all.