Marina Cay has a beautiful and calm climate. In the peak season of the winter months, the temperatures are high 70’s during the day,... Staying on Marina Cay – What You Should Know


Marina Cay has a beautiful and calm climate. In the peak season of the winter months, the temperatures are high 70’s during the day, and low 70’s in the evening. During the summer, the temperatures climb to the high 80’s with a wonderful tropical breeze. So, these wonderful temperatures make this one of the best places to stay no matter what time of year you vacation!
This is a small private island with no access except for the ferry that comes from Trellis Bay, which is adjacent to the airport. The ferry runs almost every hour until early evening, and takes about 15 minutes to get you to Marina Cay. Once you are there you can either walk or take a taxi into Road Town Tortola. Since the island is so small and private, it is easy to feel like a true castaway here.


The Marina Cay accepts credit cards or cash at their hotel. Cash is accepted at the Pusser’s store
and at the Marina Cay restaurant. ATMs can be located in Road Town in Tortola. They dispense only US Dollars, which is the currency here in Marina Cay. So, you should exchange any foreign currency before you get to Marina Cay so you are not caught without any cash. There is no phone or Internet service on Marina Cay. All your needs can be taken care of if you travel the hour or so walk into Tortola. They do this on purpose to preserve the innocence and quiet of the island.
Pusser’s Marina Cay is a beautiful resort of villas that have spectacular views of the reef and water, and excellent accommodations. They have private balconies, double beds, and a refrigerator to keep your drinks cold. There is no air conditioning in the rooms due to the tropical breeze that cools the evening down. The villas are on the south side of the island, within just a few feet of the stunning ocean. Marina Cay Accommodations include continental breakfast, and rates range from $150.00 to $425.00 per night depending on the season. The 2-bedroom villa they rent is a bit more expensive but can accommodate up to 4 people in a stunning villa on the hilltop that has 360-degree views of the ocean. There are also several vacation rentals that you can find through private owners, but they do go fast, so you should book them in advance.

They only thing you need to bring is your sense of adventure here. The beaches are perfect for families because of the sandy shores and low-lying water. The snorkeling is some of the best in the Islands, and the Marina Cay supplies all the snorkeling, fishing equipment, and water sports equipment that you need. You should bring your sunscreen and sunglasses for your many hours spent wandering the deserted beaches.
There is one restaurant on Marina Cay, award winning for its delectable food and variety. You will not be disappointed whether you try the burgers, the Caribbean food specific to the British Virgin Islands, or any of the fabulous seafood that they serve. The Robb White bar is where everyone meets up at night. The good music, great drinks, and excellent conversation bring people back night after night. The nightlife is a bit more active if you walk into Road Town in Tortola, where you can find numerous bars and restaurants to enjoy the Caribbean feeling of enjoyment and relaxation.