As one of the world’s most infamous cities, London’s attractions are well known throughout the world. From the Houses of Parliament to the London... London’s Alternative Must-Sees


As one of the world’s most infamous cities, London’s attractions are well known throughout the world. From the Houses of Parliament to the London Eye and Dungeons, a tour guide of London’s most popular sites is practically useless since everyone knows all about them anyway. However, London wouldn’t be the great city that it is if those spots were all it had to offer. There is an abundance of must-sees that many tourists do not know about. This is a rather hidden side to London.



We’ll begin with nightlife, since for many of us holiday days only really come alive once the sun sets.

It’s no secret that Brits and breweries go hand in hand and travelers enjoying their stay in London might be rather curious to know where are best places to enjoy a good drink. Brewdog bars offer unique drinking experiences that boast an air of Britishness and independence that’ll be hard to find in other bars.


Bred in Aberdeen, Brewdog have a branch in Shoreditch that maintain the same essence of their other branches – an allegiance and celebration of a wide variety of draft beers and of course, Brewdog beers (that can be bought all throughout Britain).

While it is all about drinking here, Brewdog also sell fantastic food, with different branches specializing in different cuisine. The Camden branch boasts great burgers and pizzas while in Shoreditch it’s all about Japanese street food.


Kempton Park

Whether it’s horseracing, a music concert, an antiques market or a range of fun children’s activities, Kempton Park has a wide array of different entertainments to offer.

First and foremost, Kempton is a horseracing ground and a world renowned one at that. Here is where several historic British horse races have taken place and it’ll be well worth your time to catch a race at Kempton if any are occurring during your stay in London – which you can check on


If there are none happening while you’re in the city, it will still be well worth enjoying the variety of different things Kempton has to offer – such as their antiques market every Sunday or fantastic panoramic view restaurant.

In fact, visiting London’s many historical sporting venues is a great way to experience a city with a rich sporting heritage. From Wembley Stadium to Stamford Bridge and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, there are a variety of different infamous sporting venues in London that offer tours.


The Faulty Towers Dining Experience

British comedy is a massive part of British culture and there are few British comedies better known throughout the world than Fawlty Towers. The Faulty Towers Dining Experience is a purposely-misspelt unofficial tribute to John Cleese’s legendary ‘70s sitcom and manages to capture the spirit of the TV show.

With impersonators reenacting Basil and Sybil Faulty (with a U), along with Manual, you will get the full Fawlty Towers dining experience – as the name suggests. This includes recreations of classic scenes to improvised skits based on the series’ characters. The actors are great impersonators nailing down the Fawlty Towers’ cast mannerisms and voices.