The city of Vilnius, located in the east of Lithuania, is one of the most attractive and alluring destinations for those tourists interested in... Exploring Vilnius, Lithuania


The city of Vilnius, located in the east of Lithuania, is one of the most attractive and alluring destinations for those tourists interested in exploring Eastern Europe and visiting an amazing city they will never be able to forget. Widely known as the capital of the country, Vilnius is much more than an administrative centre or a place to do business, but a unique and incredible place to discover the local gastronomy, to find a series of incredible museums and to explore with your friends or your family. If you would like to learn more about this city, here you will be able to find more information about what to see and do in this amazing place, as well as a series of suggestions that will make your trip a much more safer and exciting experience.


Getting Around in the City of Vilnius

While Lithuania is not one of the most widely-known countries in Europe, the fact is that it has become one of the most popular destinations in the last few years, especially for those people looking for a unique natural environment or who would just like to have a great time in Eastern Europe. Vilnius has turned out to be the most-visited city in Lithuania, so it is not strange to find a lot of tourists, making this city a great place to meet people just like you. On the other hand, it is always important to remember that buying holiday insurance might be a good idea when travelling abroad, especially if you would prefer to forget about inconveniences and to just focus on your trip.

Among the most popular activities to take part when visiting Vilnius, travellers usually tend to spend an evening visiting the old town, where it is possible to explore some of the many historical monuments this city has to offer. The Gate of Dawn, for instance, is one of the most intriguing religious buildings in Vilnius. Built in the early sixteenth century and restored a few centuries later, this gate can be visited for free in order to admire a series of paintings and historical artefacts, as well as to discover the significance of this monument for Lithuanians.


What to Visit in Vilnius

Although many visitors love Vilnius for its tasty food and its incredible landscapes, this city also offers a series of museums you can visit. Among them, the Contemporary Art Centre is a great place to discover a bit more about art in Lithuania, taking into account that it is also possible to enjoy some of the latest art exhibitions. If you are looking to learn more about the city of Vilnius, the Church Heritage Museum might be the perfect place for you. There, you will not only find a selection of sculptures and paintings, but also a series of valuable documents that will help you understand more about Vilnius.

Whether you decide to spend a whole week or just a few days in this enchanting city, Vilnius will allow you to discover a unique place and relax with your loved ones.