The Caribbean is a great destination to visit if you love sun, sea and sand, and my first experience with the region was a... Discover Caye Caulkner on a Caribbean cruise


The Caribbean is a great destination to visit if you love sun, sea and sand, and my first experience with the region was a trip to Belize. For the ultimate Caribbean experience, head to the island of Caye Caulker where you can enjoy sundowners, boat trips and some fantastic snorkelling adventures!

Caye Caulker Belize Barrier Reef aerial

Where is Caye Caulker?

Caye Caulker is one of the most popular destinations in Belize to visit, and with its beautiful sunny weather and azure waters, you’ll understand why as soon as you arrive.

Many holidaymakers head here every year to top up their tans, come face-to-face with tropical marine life and embrace the laidback Caribbean atmosphere. But, while you’ll find a number of tourists, it has managed to retain its village ambience and has escaped any large-scale developments, meaning you’ll still get to enjoy its traditional – and loveable – charm.

To describe what Caye Caulker is like, I’d have to tell you that cars are rarely ever seen on the streets, there are no high-rise hotels and you’ll find a selection of quaint restaurants and tour operators located in wooden lodges.


Embrace the culture

One of the biggest appeals of Caye Caulker is its relaxed culture. You’ll immediately notice the calm ambience of the island, with many people showing a relaxed approach to keeping time and to regulation. This is perhaps its biggest charm, as you can completely let your worries slip away as you lie on the beach listening to the sultry tones of Bob Marley in the background.

There is an eclectic mix of cultures on the island, with the likes of Mayans, Garifunas, Creoles, and Mennonites living here. The main group of people on Caye Caulker are Mestizos, who originally migrated from Mexico. You’ll definitely notice the presence of the African Caribbean culture though – whether you’re eating Creole food in a restaurant or you can hear the distinct accent as you walk down the beach.


What is there to do here?

The great thing about coming to Caye Caulker is that this is your opportunity to relax. With such a laidback atmosphere, you can’t help but unwind as you sip on a rum cocktail at sunset and watch the palm trees sway in the breeze.

That’s not to say there aren’t lots of things you can do here though. I’ll admit I’m not very good at sitting still for too long, so it’s great that Caye Caulker is just one mile from the Belize Barrier Reef, as scuba diving and snorkelling are among the most popular activities to take part in on the island.

I’m not a diver, so I made do with a snorkelling trip. I say ‘I made do’ but, in reality, it was the best underwater experience of my life and I was able to see a huge variety of exciting marine life! On a boat trip out into the water around the island, I got to see sharks, rays, eels, octopuses, barracudas and many more brightly-coloured fish that I can’t remember the names of!

There are a few ways you can top a trip to Caye Caulker, but you could make your holiday more memorable by opting to get to Belize aboard a luxury cruise like one from Royal Caribbean International. That way you can enjoy a brilliant holiday on this majestic island, as well as a fun-filled journey all the way there and back again.