4 Cities with Frontier Town Experiences
Few periods in American history are as enchanting as the frontier days of the wild, wild west. What’s not to love? Bucking broncos, grizzled cowboys, hopeful prospectors – even hardy maidens taming the wild deserts and prairies. Many of today’s most fabled 19th century boom towns offer visitors a... Read more
Relax in Corfu no matter what the Budget
What better than the unending natural beauty of Corfu to sooth away the stresses of your daily toil. Under these intense blue skies, contrasting sugary beaches and adorning smatters of perfumed oranges, lemons and blooming gardens, your relaxing holiday is guaranteed. Corfu is an enchanting island filled with hidden... Read more
The Luxury of a Roman Holiday
There are times when we all crave a little luxury. Modern life is full of stress and sometimes it seems to be getting worse, as the explosion of instant communications makes it all more immediate. There are so many things you have to do: bills need paying, forms need... Read more
Staying on Marina Cay – What You Should Know
Marina Cay has a beautiful and calm climate. In the peak season of the winter months, the temperatures are high 70’s during the day, and low 70’s in the evening. During the summer, the temperatures climb to the high 80’s with a wonderful tropical breeze. So, these wonderful temperatures... Read more