One of the most culturally renowned capitals in the world, Vienna is a wonderful mix of artistic and imperial history. With nicknames such as... A State of Bliss: In Vienna, the City of Dreams


One of the most culturally renowned capitals in the world, Vienna is a wonderful mix of artistic and imperial history. With nicknames such as the “city of dreams” and the “city of music”, it’s no wonder Vienna is one of the most visited, respected cities in the world. For a perfect Vienna city break, here are some activities to see and do in this wondrous city:


City high: St. Stephen’s Cathedral

What better place to start than in Vienna’s historic city center? Baroque castles and structures accompany you on your walk, with architecture so magnificent that you’ll feel as if you’re in an outdoor museum. While calling it the highlight of the city center would be a disservice to the other buildings, St. Stephen’s Church is assuredly the focal point on the main square. Rising 450 feet in the air, this Gothic cathedral dominates the landscape, with its two towers spiraling the sky. A walk up the south tower gifts visitors with one of the best views of the city.


Touching the empire: the Imperial Palace

Few things signify Vienna’s culture and heritage more than the Hofburg, or Imperial Palace. The first emperor lived here in 1273 (Rudolph I), and from there it has grown exponentially. With each new ruler came a different style, which is why the architecture is so diverse. Today the palace is home to the offices of the Austrian president, along with various museums. It truly is a palace unlike any other.


Going classical: the arts

A city where Klimt, Mozart, and Beethoven lived is bound to have a thriving arts scene. Vienna is a city where not only the arts are appreciated, but are celebrated. The wealth of museums around the city makes this abundantly clear. There’s the museum quarter, where the museum of modern art and other progressive exhibits are housed. You can also see where Mozart lived from 1784 to 1787, at the Mozarthaus Vienna. Here his apartment has been turned into six levels, showcasing the genius of this composer through relics and stories of his life.

There are many other museums showcasing the talents of singular artists, such as the Klimt Villa and the Beethoven Pasqualatihaus. You could spend weeks visiting all the museums in the city.


Not quitting stalling: the markets

A street market is an opportunity to feel the local energy of a city, and Viennese markets are no different. The Naschmarkt, the most famous of these markets, offers a mixture between Viennese and foreign specialties. You can taste all types of exotic and local food, always fresh and around every corner. For a truly special experience, visit the adjacent flea market on Saturday. It’s heaven for bargain and souvenir hunters.

There’s so much to see and do in this capital city that it would take months to see all of the sights. No matter how long you can stay though, you’re sure to make memories. After all, it received the nickname “the city of dreams” for a reason.