Over 40,000 people per year set out to climb Kilimanjaro. It’s the world’s highest freestanding mountain, referred to by some as ‘everyman’s Everest’. Mountain... 7 Great Reasons You Should Climb Kilimanjaro


Over 40,000 people per year set out to climb Kilimanjaro. It’s the world’s highest freestanding mountain, referred to by some as ‘everyman’s Everest’. Mountain climbing can obviously give you a great sense of achievement, and is a wonderful way of exploring, traveling, and keeping fit. But why should you climb Kilimanjaro? We’ve got 7 great reasons here, so read on to discover why you should climb the world’s highest freestanding mountain:


1. Out of all of the 7 summits, Kilimanjaro is technically the easiest to climb. You don’t necessarily need any fancy equipment, or even any experience to get started. The youngest person to reach the top of Kilimanjaro was just 6 years old! The oldest person to reach the summit was 83. It just goes to show that Kilimanjaro is everyman’s Everest! Of course Kilimanjaro still comes with risks, and 10 people on average die every year due to acute altitude sickness and rockslides.

2. Kilimanjaro is surprisingly clean and tidy when you compare it with Everest. Everest’s base camp is almost covered in rubbish, whereas Kilimanjaro base camp is nice and pristine. This is due to the park rangers weighing all of the bags that come on and off the trail, charging trekking companies if they come down too light. This has dramatically reduced dumping rubbish, and allowed Kilimanjaro to keep it’s beauty and wild nature.


3. Kilimanjaro is one of the world’s greatest natural wonders. Climbing this mountain is like travelling from the equator to the north pole in just a week, due to it’s diverse terrain and weather conditions. This also means that there are rare, unique life forms that live on Kilimanjaro, like the Kilimanjaro tree and pretty elephant flower.

4. By setting out to climb Kilimanjaro, you contribute to the local economy. The region is one of the poorest on earth, but climbing Kilimanjaro generates money and make local jobs for people, such as porters, trekking agencies, guides, and cooks.

5. Some people climb Kilimanjaro to mark an important moment or event in their lives. You may have just graduated, retired, gotten married, or divorced – whatever you’ve done, Kilimanjaro is a great way to celebrate.


6. You can draw attention to a cause or charity you feel strongly for. You might want to raise money to go towards curing cancer, or even bring attention to a certain condition. Individuals with disabilities have even climbed the mountain to show that with courage and perseverance, anybody can overcome their fears. Disability needn’t be a limitation!

7. Standing on the top of Kilimanjaro, you’ll see the world from a different perspective. Anything that ever seemed impossible will seem possible, and you’ll be inspired to look at things differently, act differently, take action – anything that can improve your life. You can literally see a new tomorrow, and all of your troubles will seem to melt away.

There you have them; 7 great reasons to climb Kilimanjaro. Get a new perspective on things, mark a special event, or give to charity – above all else, enjoy it!