Tunisia Is the Country of Sunny Beaches and Friendly Locals

When speaking of Star Wars, most people imagine far-away galaxies and surreal planets. However, the episodes of at least four of the Star War movies were filmed in Tunisia, a mysterious and legendary country located at the northernmost of Africa.

Today, Tunisia’s population is estimated at between 10 to 11 million people, with a life expectancy of up to 75 years old. Originated in 12th century BC by the Phoenicians, Tunisia was then known as the city-state of Carthage. Currently, Carthage is a suburb of Tunis, the modern capital of the country. The rumors say that children sacrifice was once a common religious practice in ancient Carthage. Modern scholars, however, question this assumption, stating that there is no enough historical evidence to support this claim.

The official language of Tunisia is Arabic, spoken in daily life. The majority of the population speaks also French, which is the consequence of the French occupation of the country from the late nineteenth century until March 20, 1956 when Tunisia received complete independence and became a republic.

The national religion of Tunisia is Sunni Islam. The Tunisian women enjoy the greatest rights in the Arabic world. Women are allowed to drive a car, for example. The majority of women wears hijabs and feels uncomfortable going into public alone, though. In 2011, Tunisia with its Jasmine revolution became the starting point of the Arab Spring.

Travel Tips
The cultural heritage, climate, and friendly locals make Tunisia one of the most popular attractions for historians and leisure travelers.

1) It is highly recommended to remember it is a Muslim country and dress appropriately. Even though there is no strict code for tourists, unless you plan to visit a mosque, you will feel uncomfortable insulting the religious feelings of the local population.

2) The local sellers can be rather obtrusive. A firm but polite aDno’ can help tourists save their money.
The prices are debatable and tourists who want to buy souvenirs can cut the original price twice or even more than that.

3) When planning trips on their own, without a designated guide, tourists should beware possible scams double checking prices and watching their property.

Sites to Visit

El Djem Amphitheatre is the top rated tourist attraction in Tunisia. The well-preserved walls, surrounding the modern city, are a relic of ancient Roman architecture and a reminder that Romans ruled a part of Africa once.

Carthage that is now located in the suburbs of Tunis is worth visiting. Its ruins and magnificent columns reproduce the atmosphere of the ancient city, Rome’s powerful competitor, described in numerous historical books about Punic wars.

Grand Erg Oriental is the most picturesque part of Tunisia’s Sahara desert. The gorgeous landscape and the ever-shifting sands where the sky meets the earth create a philosophical mood. The majority of visitors prefer to have fun riding camels, though.

Kairouan is recognized as the fourth important city of Islam. The ancient domes, minarets and alleys produce the impression of a time travel. Most visitors agree that the city looks as if the locals have left it for a while, but will get back to their homes soon.



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